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Becoming a video games collector requires patience, passion and some savings. With the right approach, whether you are more into Nintendo or Sega, you can assemble for yourself a good-looking game collection that will not only satisfy your love for consoles, but also gain value over time. Here is how:

The starting point

It is always advisable to start with games that are most easily accessible, games from a less popular console or game system. This is because they will have the highest value in terms of scarcity and collector’s value. By discovering games on this level, you will make a good investment that you can recoup for your investment in the long run.

Once you have picked up a few games, you can proceed to add the ones you have missed. Later, you can graduate to rarer games that you are more interested in. Here is the key, always focus on rare, limited edition and exclusive games. The best part is that there are collectors out there that can help you find games like this. Be cautious, though. The people out there are like a horde of sharks and you do not want to swim around in their world. The golden rule is: Buy what you can afford.

Once you are done with the starter package, the fun begins. The process of accumulating one’s gaming collection will take you a while, but eventually you will have a fun-filled collection with the game consoles you like and get ready for some serious profit.

Categorize your collection into what you like to play the most

This is one of the most important aspects of starting a gaming collection. It is better to set up categories that are meant to appeal to you. The best way to categorize is to identify your favorite game consoles first and then identify games you enjoy playing.

Once you have identified the type of games you enjoy playing, make a list of the console games that are compatible with these consoles and the games that can be played on the console itself or on an emulator. The concept of emulation is fairly new but it works great. You can make games that you have wanted to play available to you with a few clicks of the mouse.

Decide whether you want to do a console classic or a franchise collection

It is always best to do a console classic or franchise collection if you have the time and if you are into collecting games for all console systems. With this type of collection, you will be able to get a quick game fix while experiencing the joy of collecting games all in one go. This is because it does not take much effort to do a console classic collection. With a franchise collection, it will take some time to complete the collection.

Take the time to get to know the games you are collecting

With every new game console, there are new games released. It is always best to take time and learn about the games that are out there before you buy them. The understanding of the games is what will help you get the most out of your gaming experience. In fact, with time, the game collection you have amassed can become your gaming resume.

Know your pricing models

Price models are always changing and with the current market conditions, most of the games now retail for a much lower price than they used to. If you have noticed this price drop in your favorite game, don’t be afraid to wait. More games are coming out and it is better to jump the queue.

Search the net for deals

The internet is a veritable playground for gaming collectors and bargain hunters. If you are in the market for an Xbox One or an Xbox 360 with a deep-discount price, the Internet can help you out. Be careful though. The last thing you want is to get a game that is a fake or a damaged game.

Prefer exclusivity

A good idea is to find games that are only released on a certain platform or have a limited release. This is great for gamers who do not like a lot of competition and do not like the pressure of constantly upgrading their consoles. On the other hand, it is always better to make the most of what you have got and you will be able to enjoy your collection for longer.

Place your games in a safe place

Some gamers are obsessed with their game collection. They love to place their consoles on the bed or on their living room shelves and watch them play. This is not a good idea. No matter how good the sound is, you do not want to be listening to the repeated beeps and boops of a game that can be louder than your music.

The games collection tips

For your security, always keep your games in an air-tight container. One reason why there are cases of break-ins is because people who try to take the games for a joyride just want to have a lot of pleasure. Keep your console in a safe and always keep your games in the same place at all times.

Compile a set list of games

There are games that you know you will love to play and there are others that you are not sure you will enjoy. If you want to make the best use of your games collection, think of a set list of the games that you know will satisfy you and the others that you are unsure of.

Be mindful of the costs involved

The internet is a vast place. It has also created numerous online stores. There are many cheap places where you can buy all kinds of games. These games are not worth your money and you will end up paying for duplicates of the same game or for cheap games you do not want.

Know how to play the games

It is important to learn how to play the games you have collected before you decide to get them al hooked up and play them. It is always better to stick to one or two games at a time and gradually learn how to play the others.

With these tips, you should be able to get a good start with your gaming collection. You should know the right ways to store your games and how to transport your gaming collection.

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